Saturday, February 3, 2007

Heading to Roma!

Leaving home was as tough as we had anticipated. Miles is so much fun these days that we had been dreading the actual departure. We know he's in great hands, but it didn't make it much easier. No tears, so we {Wayne} held strong. Miles did cling to Wayne's leg's a little, which was super sweet and sad.

The flights I booked had us going through Charlotte to Philadelphia then on to Rome. Kind of a pain to take so many, but otherwise we'd have been sitting in the Philly airport for 8 hours. Ugh. Because I had soooo many miles we were able to get Envoy Class seats which made the trip much more enjoyable. We clinked mimosas as we awaited departure and perused the dinner menu. The plane we were on has individual entertainment centers at every seat, so Wayne & I selected our movie and started them simultaneously. Wouldn't want one to see the good part first!! The crew in our cabin was fantastic and the flight was smooth, but we still didn't get much sleep ~ maybe 2-3 hours or rest at most.

We landed in Rome the next morning around 8:30. We'd decided to start our trip in Florence and work our way back to Rome for the departure. I'd heard too many horror stories of strikes to risk being too far away from the airport. So that meant we got off the plane and hopped on the train for another hour and a half. That was very crowded but the views! The countryside was so lush and green, odd for this time of year we were told. I guess it has been warmer than usual this winter.

I'd bought a sandwich at the station in Rome so we weren't starving anymore. That was fun. The buying part, I mean. I studied French in high school and took some at UT also, so when we went to Paris for our honeymoon I listened to some CDs prior and managed to get us around pretty well. I impressed Wayne, that's what counts! So going to Italy I was nervous about not being so adept. I'd been before, so I knew we would manage. It's not like we were going to be in China where I couldn't even read the words. But when it came time to order that first sandwich I was a Mo-Ron. All I could do was point and look pleadingly. Totally blanked that the word for sandwich is... panini.


Erin said...

hey! this is cool. so neat that you journaled the trip and now you're blogging it. oh... I can't wait to read more. it's as good as being there. ok, not really since I'm sitting at work and just reading about it, but a girl can dream!

Tiffany said...

Did you bring back a baby? The pressure it on! Bring on #4!